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Download streaming/flash videos · 22 May 2014

Have you ever come across that dreadful JW player that you can’t find a way to download streamed videos? I have a solution for you. First of all, download RTMPDumpHelper and RTMPDump (search them on google) . Unzip the 2 files and put them into the same folder! Now open RTMPDumpHelper.exe, go to Options and select RTMPDump […]

Lock any folder, without any software · 18 September 2012

Many people are using software to lock their private files. That software hides the files which are locked by the user. But in this post I will show you how to lock a folder without using any software, and the folder will not become hidden. This is the safest trick to lock your personal folders.

Speed up your XP menus · 17 September 2012

This is a trick for Windows XP, menus speed. After applying this trick you will feel excellent fast speed of your menus. This tricks doesn’t effect on windows start-up or browsing speed. It just effects on your menus (e.g start program menu, right click menu etc.). To apply this trick simply follow these steps:

Make your system faster (Increase Virtual RAM) · 19 June 2012

Right-Clicking ‘My Computer’ and then Select ‘Properties’. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Under ‘Performance’, click ‘Settings’. Then, click the ‘Advanced’ tab on the button that pops up. Under ‘Virtual Memory’ at the bottom, click ‘Change’. Click the ‘Custom Size’ button. For the initial size (depending on your HD space), type in anywhere from 2000-2500 (although […]